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Slow Rise Naan

first naan i made



Preparation time:

Dough will sit for a number of days (5-7) before cooking. This could possibly be shortened if not refrigerated, though I haven't tested.

Cooking time:

5-8 minutes for mixing the dough
2-3min to cook each naan.


This recipe is inspired by a recipe by the guardian here. Though preparation is quite different and only a subset of ingredients are used, I'd highly suggest reading the article for further insights into making naan.




Firstly you'll need to prepare the dry yeast, using all 150mL of water.

Once that's beginning measure out the dry and wet (yogurt and melted ghee) separately. As they'll be added to the yeast in an alternating fashion.

Blend together the melted ghee and yogurt, until they're both integrated well.

Pour prepared yeast mixture into stand mixer + dough hook and turn to the lowest speed. Let this run for a few minutes.

Next pour in half the dry ingredients, keep the dough hook running until mixed together. Pour in half the yogurt/ghee mixture, until mixed together. Then repeat this until everything is being mixed, then let mix for another few minutes.

When finished in the stand mixture, if the mixture is still wet, and sticky to the touch you may need to sprinkle more flour until the mixture is more easily handled (without sticking as easily).

Place the mixture into a bowl, cover and sit in the fridge for 5-7 days, this gives the dough time to rise. It's possible that given the right weather/temperature that this could be left outside the fridge for 30min - 1 hour to rise.

Form the dough into 100g balls, and prepare a floury surface to roll out.

Place a pancake griddle (or similar) on low heat. Lightly brush/spray the griddle with oil or ghee.

Using a rolling pin roll out the dough. Then flip and roll out some width, and then roll out the length again. We want a shape that's elliptical.

Lift the rolled out dough onto the warmed slightly oiled griddle, and after 30 sec brush the top with some ghee (or similar). Let sit for another 30sec - 1 min, then flip and cook for another minute.